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Free Instructions for Laundry Basket Wall

Soon I will add instructions for the Laundry Basket Wall pictured below.

We made 2 sets of simple shelves to hold 6 laundry baskets each. One set is shown below. These are great space savers at a very low cost. At first we had 6 baskets on the left wall of our washer/dryer for incoming dirty clothes and 6 baskets on the right for clean and/or ready to iron. But then our last child moved out. We now use 4 baskets and the other 8 are for storage of blankets and other items.

Why did we used 3 inch and 15 inch widths of wood for these very simple shelves? It is analogous to the time we unsuccessfully tried to get a great cake recipe from grandmother. She said "use all the butter you have in the refrigerator". We finally figured out she didn't know how much butter she had. She knew what she could make with what she had.

We just happened to have some strips of wood that were 3 inches wide and some that were 15 inches wide. Further instructions will be added here soon.  

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