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 Need a compass with no sharp points. Draw circles from 1/4 " to 10 " diameter with new flat compass.       Click here for more information and pictures on this Safe-t Compass. School & Group discounts for large orders available. Other products available such as a compass/protractor/ruler combination.

Flat enough to use as a bookmark in a high school geometry or algebra text - safe enough for a child.  (Safe enough for high school too.)

Schools, Colleges and Universities - Click here for additional information

Learning Resources® CONTENTS PAGE for hundreds of Safe-TTM  MATH & DRAWING Products

School Kits, Art Sets, Math sets, Geometry sets

Double Dice   Click here to see Probability Definition Page

Brightly colored, translucent outer dice measure 3/4" and hold a single, smaller, white die inside.
NEW - Bullseye Compass    Click here
 What Everyone Should Know About MATH

Check out these 5 and 6 point paper stars. They can be used flat under glass or shear tablecloths, or in reliefs.

  FREE - Paper Craft Instructions

  Maverick's  Boats boat0.jpg

Free instruction for making paper boats from circles, straight lines, scissors and glue. These instructions are original and have never been published before now. Ages 3 and up.

  5 Point Star          5star0.jpg

Free instruction for making a paper relief of a 5 point star (fold and cut).

  6 Point Star

Free instruction for making a paper relief of a 6 point star (fold and cut).

  Snowflakes                snow0.jpg

Free instruction for turning the 6 point star into a snowflake (fold and cut).

3-D (Moravian Pennsylvanian German) STARS   Free easy instructions for making these 3-D stars using 19 pictures.

We also sell these hand made stars and paper strips and paper squares. 

Star Suggestions - Pictures, Ideas, and Inspirations

May baskets - Free Instructions.

Hearts - Free Instructions. HEARTSBT.jpg

Free Questions - Click Here - Why don’t we research successful programs ... Can pain be duplicated in order to ... Does coherent radiation from our brain... Could air flow on the surface of a person’s skin...Could our small universe ...?????

Large Heavy Book-ends

  Law - Hammurabi/Shamash

Who was Hammurabi?

  Nursing - Barton/Nightingale


Who was the "Lady with the Lamp" and why was she called that?

  Medical - Hippocrates/Wand/Horus

Just what does the Hippocratic Oath say? How did Rx become a symbol of recovery?

The father of modern medicine was an Ancient Greek, Hippocrates, who believed disease resulted from natural causes, not angry spirits.

Pet Phone

Fight Pet Boredom!



Downstairs in the cottage laundry room is our grouted tile wall. While ironing one can read the writings on the grout. Don't go here unless you are willing to see how many words you recognize. But, especially, how many sources can you identify for the sayings on the wall. Challenge a friend.



Subtle See Rock City Book Stops


Do you remember?

 Fortunes from Freckles

Hang this ice-breaker on the wall and generate lots of fun. People keep looking up their fortunes. The information is accurate, 17th century accurate. Not to be taken seriously. Fortunes are based on marks or freckles or moles on the face and body with associated astrology.


Close-out Sale   Map Products from UniversalMAP

Chgnae yuor txet, I eipxlan
Wrod’s 1st & lsat ltetres rimaen
Hlihgihgt ltetres & mvoe
Whitin wrods to pvroe
You can raed waht aeppras isnnae

  e-mail Maddy or Maverick



Pancake bookends

Hamburger bookends

Hand-painted pancake bookends. How many things do you know called pancake?

Hand-painted hamburger bookends.

Music Symbols/Notation - A Free Short History

Jewelry from Fairy Stones Polished staurolite with eyelet & jump ring  and  necklaces


Gold and Silver Jewelry - Facts and Tips - Click Here

Gold and Silver Jewelry - can be used alone or with Fairy Stones

Authentic natural "Fairy" or "Lucky" Stones   -  Click here.  The legend how the fairies tears turned to crosses. lucky.jpg

Math Limericks          Click here

Free POSTER on LENGTH - 11 inches by 25 - inches Click here


Free POSTER on TIME - 11 inches by 25 - inches Click here


Question for teachers - free

Link to 21 cent calendarFree - A 200-year calendar that is different from the rest.  Find the day of the week when you were born. Find how many months have Friday 13th  in a particular year.

Click here for T-shirt information

Was 1900 a leap year? Will 2000 be a leap year? How about 2100? Check the free 200  year calendar 
above for the answers. (Not all three of them are leap years.) Students learn to read a 4-variable table.

madq0.gif    You can see all of these for free at          NEW VIDEOS  PAGE

 Mad Countess Quote Puzzles

Click above for the answers to questions below, and others.

Who said  "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"?
Who said  "I get no respect"?
Who said  "Though this be madness, yet there is method in it."?
Who said  "Curiouser and Curiouser"?
There are 72 questions on these cards. 

 mad0.jpg You can see all of these for free at          NEW VIDEOS  PAGE

  Count Madness Number Puzzles

Click above for the answers to questions below, and others.

How many toes do cats have?
Four score and seven represents how many?
How many legs do insects have?
There are 72 questions on these cards.

Click here for a Free Rhyme Time Game we called Stink Pink

House and Home - Free


Free Tips on Helping Young Children

Free instructions for making simple 'PLAMP' stand on right - and great shadow boxes

Free instructions for making a Laundry Basket Wall soon to be added here

Free Reports     Did you ever need to give someone a quick explanation of the Internet?
Click here for a one page overview of the Internet.


Bringing Back Book Blockers

Click here   Different symbols - alphabets, numbers, music, astronomy, and many others. You make your own personalized statements from these symbols on concrete chunks.

Think of a number from 1 to 9 and multiply it by 15873. Multiply your answer by 7 and the 
product's 6 numerals are all the same you started with.

Think of a number from 1 to 9 and multiply it by 37. Multiply your answer by 3 and the 
product's 3 numerals are all the same you started with.

You can figure out why. Really. But if you don't have time click here for explanation.


We want to make their visits fun:    " COFFEE TABLE CARDS "

Leave them on your desk, or coffee table, or waiting room table. Everyone loves to read through them. Inexpensive! Get them for your table at home or office. Get them for friends or as party favors. These mostly traditional sayings do not fail to entertain. Each of 50 cards has different sayings - for any age. Click here for some examples.           You can see all of these for free at          NEW VIDEOS  PAGE

Free - STOCK CAR RACING game:  Enjoy at no cost all 72 questions

Listen to new creations in music from our cottage music room. Totally new from members in our family -- The Suburban Peasants.

3 new songs - music and words


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